High Net-Worth Divorce

Hire a divorce lawyer for complex divorces

Protecting your assets is essential in a high net worth divorce. The best way to protect your assets during a high net worth divorce is to hire a divorce lawyer. The Law Office of Carolyn H Young has more than two decades of divorce law experience in Austin, TX. High net worth divorces can be particularly complex, so you want to lean on a divorce lawyer who has experience and provides individualized attention. Your high net worth divorce attorney also works with a forensic attorney and CPA to ensure your needs are met and protected. Call 512-640-0944 now to schedule your consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer.

Get in touch with a high net worth divorce lawyer

After many years of marriage, it can be difficult to divide your assets. The Law Office of Carolyn H Young will help you identify and value your marital assets, which may include:

  • Commercial properties
  • Residential properties
  • Inheritances
  • Investments

She can also help you seek spousal support if needed. Contact a divorce lawyer in Austin, TX to guide you through a high net worth divorce.