Child Support

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Are you familiar with the child support guidelines in Texas? The Law Office of Carolyn H Young can help you navigate those guidelines to establish the order you deserve in Austin, TX. Are you not receiving the financial support your child deserves? Contact your family lawyer today to take your case to court. If you don’t have primary custody, you’re required to pay child support to the other parent. The Law Office of Carolyn H Young offers legal assistance with a wide range of the issues that may arise during these cases. Your family attorney can help you review your financial situation to determine what you’re required to pay in child support. Call now to schedule your consultation with a child support attorney in Austin, TX.

Child Support Payments in Austin, TX

Are you falling behind on your child support payments? Have you recently lost a job which has drastically affected your income? If you get behind on child support payments or face income changes, your family lawyer can help you refigure your contribution. For child support modifications in Austin, TX, contact Law Office of Carolyn H Young today.