Child Custody & Visitation

Partner with a child custody lawyer

Going through a divorce is not only difficult for you — your children may also suffer as well. It’s the court’s responsibility to decide what’s in your child’s best interest. If you want your child custody negotiations to go as smoothly as possible, reach out to a child custody attorney today. The Law Office of Carolyn H Young handles child custody and visitation cases in Austin, TX. She represents you when you’re ready to seek visitation rights, shared custody or full custody. Are you having trouble enforcing your child custody order? A child custody attorney can help you carry out your agreement or modify it. Call 512-640-0944 now to schedule your consultation.

What does the court take into consideration when it comes to child custody & visitation decisions?

When deciding what’s best for your child, the court will look at many factors. You can expect the court to consider:

  • Your mental and physical health
  • Your home environment
  • Evidence of parental drug or alcohol abuse
  • Your child’s wishes

If we’re unable to reach an agreement outside of court, your family attorney will present a strong case to the judge to increase your chances of gaining custody. To hire a child custody attorney in Austin, TX, get in touch with Law Office of Carolyn H Young today.